A giant dinosaur discovered in Argentina turns out to be the largest animal in history

It is believed that the largest creature that ever existed is the blue whale. The biggest

representatives of this species grow up to 33.6 m inlength. The largest terrestrial creatures were dinosaurs, and the largest of them were the titanosaurs. It is a genus of herbivorous sauropod dinosaurs from the clade Lithostrotia that lived in the Upper Cretaceous era in what is now Asia, Africa, Europe and South America.

One of them - Argentinosaurus - left enoughevidence that it could be classified as the heaviest of all Titanosaurs. With a length of 36.5 m, its weight is 100 tons. It would significantly outshine modern land animals. Researchers studying the fossils of the Patagotites (another titanosaur found in Patagonia) have suggested that some of them could break the record for the largest, but there were not enough fossils to confirm this. In any case, scientists studying the remains discovered in 2012 began to believe that they had found an even larger titanosaur.

It is now known that this dinosaur appeared 98million years ago (before the beginning of the Cretaceous). Among the fossils found are 24 vertebrae, which were part of a giant tail, pelvis and pectoral girdle. The sheer size of each suggests that the dinosaur was very large, even among the titanosaurs. And certainly more than all the species living on Earth.

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