A gift from outer space: in the US they sell figurines that have traveled above the Earth's stratosphere

Valentine's Day is coming, and for those who are looking for an interesting gift, students from the USA offer

unusual option. On the earthtosky website.store they sell a crystal bear and a rose that have been in space. They rose above the stratosphere aboard a cosmic ray research probe on 17 December.

The figurines are priced at $129.95.Earth to Sky Calculus students are selling "valentines from space" to support the high altitude ballooning program. Each item comes with a greeting card that depicts the item in flight and tells the story of its journey to the edge of space and back.

At their peak, the figurines hovered at an altitude of 34,369meters above the Sierra Nevada mountains in central California. After the balloon exploded as planned, the parachute deployed and the probe returned to Earth, landing on a 1,889-meter mountain peak overlooking the Eureka Dunes on the edge of Death Valley National Park. As part of the launch, students received new data for the cosmic ray monitoring program.

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Cover photo and text: earthtosky.store