A glove of Thanos appeared in Google: one click - and half of the information turns to dust

The Google search engine also fell under the influence of “Avenger mania” and, in honor of the release of the film “Avengers: Endgame,” offers

users try Thanos' famous snap for themselves.

How it works

Let us remind you that at the end of the previous part of “The Avengers”Thanos collected all the infinity stones for his gauntlet and with one click turned a good half of the inhabitants of the universe into dust, including our favorite superheroes.

To try on the glove, you need to enter the word “Thanos” in the Google search engine (in any language). In the right block under the images you will see the same glove

After clicking, a click is heard, and half of the query results begin to disappear before our eyes, and the numbers on the output counter rapidly decrease.






One more click on the glove and everything returns to its place. It's a shame that bringing back the film's characters isn't so easy. But we are against spoilers, so to find out the ending, go to the cinema.