A heron dinosaur found that swam badly but ate fish

Since its discovery in 1915, Spinosaurus has puzzled paleontologists. It has recently been proven that the dinosaur was in

mainly an aquatic predator, it used its large tail to swim and chase fish in the water.

However, new research does not confirm thisinformation. Its authors believe that although the dinosaur probably ate fish and swam, it was not well adapted to the life of an aquatic predator. Instead, it looked like a giant (flightless) heron or stork - it grabbed fish from the shore and also ate prey from land.

Researchers have compared the traits of a spinosaurus withskulls and skeletons of other dinosaurs and various living and extinct reptiles that lived on land, in water, or both. They found that the life of the dinosaur was very similar to the habits of the swamp heron.

One of the key pieces of evidence the researchers found related to the ability of the dinosaur to swim. Spinosaurus swam worse than a crocodile: the tail muscles were undeveloped.

Spinosaurus was originally found in Egypt.It is considered one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs, reaching over 15 m in length. The first known spinosaurus fossils were destroyed by bombing during World War II, making it difficult for paleontologists to work.

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