Hint of Mafia 4: Take-Two has registered a new “Mafia”, entrusting its studio with an AAA project

It seemed that after the release of Mafia 3, Take-Two abandoned the franchise, but fans now have hope of getting


What is known

Take-Two Interactive, parent company of 2KGames, has filed three applications to register trademarks related to the Mafia series. In the first document, the name of the game is written in a font familiar to fans, which is also “flaunted” on the posters of the game. The second “Mafia” logo is set in a standard text font, as if hinting at a new part of the series. The third application mentions Mafia 2, which already gives hope for the release of a remaster. It is possible that Take-Two is simply updating the rights.

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At the same time, an extension hints at the release of Mafia 4rights to the trademark of the Hagar 13 studio, which developed the ill-fated Mafia 3. The application “flaunts” its updated logo with the mention of four divisions, which also speaks of Take-Two’s serious intentions. In addition, Hagar 13 employees have been working on an AAA project for the second year, judging by the resume of the studio's technical artist Geert De Knodder.

Please note that trademarks are registered whendevelopment enters the “serious” phase. So Mafia fans have a chance to get not only an updated sequel for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, but also a full-fledged sequel in the form of Mafia 4.