A holiday comes to us: GOG gives out “New Year's” Postal and Postal 2 for free

Apparently, CD Projekt decided to add New Year's mood to the everyday life of gamers by launching a free distribution of Postal

at GOG.com.

What is known

The store distributes immediately the first two games of the seriesPostal, so players who don’t digest isometry can start right away with the sequel. In any case, gamers are invited to visit the skin of “Dude,” which finally blew the roof. The protagonist took to the streets, armed with piercing, cutting and firearms, and went to create chaos in the city streets.

Postal can't boast of an interesting storyline,but critics and gamers have noted a funny character who jokes worse than Duke Nukem. The developers themselves call their game a sandbox for slaughter and senseless lawlessness. The first game of the series was even banned in 10 countries, which at that time only raised interest in the project.

Perhaps Postal and Postal 2 are not the New Year’sgames, but GOG decided that during the holidays, gamers should remember crazy classics. Both games can already be picked up on the pages of the store, but the offer is limited in time.

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