A huge "black hole" was found in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The network is wondering what it is

A redditor who studies Google Maps stumbled upon a mysterious "black hole" in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and no one

may agree that it issuch. Reddit user kokoblocks posted a photo of the mysterious anomaly on a Google Maps subreddit, asking the community what it is: “What is it? It doesn't look like an island at all. "

According to Insider, several users contributed their ideas, which ranged from derisive to heartfelt speculation.

“Obviously, the entrance to the hollow Earth.Yeah, ”one of the users replied, ridiculing the absurd theory of a hollow earth, according to which the earth is generally hollow. Others argue that it is just an island. But how do you explain the strange shape of the shadow?

Some have stated that this is an object of artificialorigin or area of ​​the ocean has been "censored." Google maps eroding vulnerabilities such as military bases are fairly standard practice, and an air base on an island in the Pacific may well exist.

Photo: OpenStreetMap, the free wiki world map. On the cover: Print Screen Google Maps.

In fact, the "black hole in the ocean"there is indeed the usual explanation - as reported by Insider, this is Vostok Island a few hundred kilometers south of Hawaii. The island looks black only from a very high altitude, but if you zoom in, everything starts to clear up a little.

“What you see as black is actually very dark green, a very dense forest of pyzonia trees,” explained one Reddit user.

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