A hydrogel appeared that removes the smallest kidney stones

Scientists from the German startup Purenum have developed a two-component hydrogel to remove kidney stones.

Large kidney stones can be removed withtiny instrument, but smaller ones are usually just left in the hope that they will naturally pass into the urine. Unfortunately, this can be a painful process. There is also a chance that the stones will not disappear, but will increase in size again.

The authors of the new work said that afteras the stone was broken by a laser, the doctor extracts large fragments, while small ones still remain in the body. Next, you need to endoscopically distribute the blue-colored hydrogel into small fragments.

After that, the yellow-colored catalyst liquid is added. Together, both substances form one piece of elastic gel that covers all fragments.

The substance can then be captured and removed from the body through the urethra. The gel can be dissolved to study stone fragments, the authors say.

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