A magnet of record power appeared. It is used in a stable fusion reactor

In order to create thermonuclear fusion in a modern tokamak, a very powerful magnetic field is needed for

plasma confinement. In this case, the higher the field strength in the chamber, the more stable the plasma will be, and, accordingly, the fusion of nuclei can be maintained longer.

The authors of the new work have made a new superconducting magnet with a record strength value.

Они использовали как высокотемпературный superconductor - rare earth barium-copper oxide (ReBCO): it is produced commercially in the form of a ribbon. From 267 km of such film, the researchers made 16 flat magnets, which they folded into a structure similar in shape to the letter D.

Cooled to a temperature of about minus 253 ° C, ReBCO became superconducting and, after the supply of electricity, began to generate a magnetic field: its inductance was at a maximum of 20 Tesla.

Scientists noted that this is a value for suchinstallations - a record. Its performance is similar to a 40 times larger volume installation that would use conventional low temperature superconducting magnets. By comparison, the superconducting magnets of the Large Hadron Collider produce a field of 8.3 Tesla.

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