A major bug has been detected in iOS 13 - caution!

The new mobile platform iOS 13 is still in beta testing, but this does not mean that errors and

Bugs in the system can be ignored.Especially when it comes to privacy. Yes, indeed, the use of iOS 13 is now solely under your responsibility, because the public release will take place only in the fall, when the firmware is finalized. However, we must inform you that the discovered hole in the system allows anyone to access your passwords that you store on your iPhone.

All changes in iOS 13

Error in iOS 13

In addition to numerous crashes and minor bugs in iOS13 there is also a serious security vulnerability. It was discovered recently and deserves special attention. This bug allows anyone to easily access the App & Website Passwords data from iPhone. This bug was found in iOS 13 beta 3 for developers and in the second beta of public iOS 13.

As described in detail in iDeviceHelp on YouTube,All usernames and passwords stored in iOS are available by repeatedly pressing the “Site and Application Passwords” menu. You just have to click several times in the menu and delete the message that your face or fingerprint is not recognized. And after several attempts you will see all the passwords and logins. Even if you have never authenticated using Face ID or Touch ID.

Of course, to access the menu “Passwords of sites andapplications, someone also has to pre-unlock the device either through Face ID, or Touch ID, or using your access code. But this is easy to use.

Apple has already been informed aboutproblem through the application iOS Feedback. But so far the developers have not made any statements about this and have not taken action. Soon there will be a new beta version, it is possible that it will be fixed bugs, including this one.

By the way, this vulnerability is also present in the latest beta version of iPadOS 13.