A microphone has appeared that “feels” a separate sound in the middle of a whole symphony

Even the most professional audio microphones cannot make such sound isolation. But researchers

were able to achieve incredible results using just two cameras and a laser.

The authors explain that sound is waves thatspread through the air. Anything that makes sound simply vibrates and makes waves. The optical microphone that the authors made is a camera system that monitors and interprets vibrations on the surface of a sound source or on objects that are close to the sound source.

The system the team created is calledCarnegie Mellon. It aims a laser at a vibrating surface and creates a precise pattern that distorts as it vibrates. The cameras record changes in the pattern at 63 frames per second. Then the software algorithm analyzes the received data.

According to the authors, they invented a new waysound perception. The team tested their optical microphone to record a duet of guitar and violin. Also, the program easily separated the sounds of two guitars playing a duet.

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