A neural interface has been developed to control robots with the power of thought

Engineers from the University of Technology Sydney introduced an improved interface

brain-computer.With the help of graphene sensors, researchers have achieved high conductivity, ease of use and reliability of the devices. The technology can be used to control robots, prostheses, wheelchairs and machines.

Neurointerface and graphene sensors. Image: Shaikh Nayeem Faisal et al., ACS Applied Nano Materials

The developers used graphene material incombined with silicon to create wearable solid sensors. This approach has solved the corrosion, durability and skin contact resistance issues that have hampered everyday use of existing technologies, the engineers say.

Sensors with hexagonal graphene patternlocated at the back of the head to detect waves from the visual cortex. Contacts are resistant to harsh conditions, so they can be used in extreme conditions.

Manufacturing process of biosensors. Image: Shaikh Nayeem Faisal et al., ACS Applied Nano Materials

Device management is carried out usinga special augmented reality lens placed in front of the user's gaze. White flickering squares are displayed on the screen. When the operator concentrates on a certain square, his brain waves are captured by the biosensor, and the decoder translates the signal into commands.

Our technology can produce at least ninecommands in two seconds. This means that we have nine different types of commands and the operator can choose one of these nine during this period of time.

Chin-Teng Lin, professor at the University of Technology Sydney and co-author of the development

Researchers have demonstrateddevices for controlling the four-legged robot Ghost Robotics. The experiment showed that a trained operator can control the robot with up to 94% accuracy without the help of hands. Engineers believe that the development will find applications in manufacturing, aerospace and healthcare.

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