A new development turns the mental movement of a hand with a pen into text on the screen

The typing speed with this method is 90 characters per minute, which is more than double the previous

record for contactless typing by visual selection of characters on the virtual keyboard.

The authors note that the interface is able to read the letters that the patient draws in the mind. Thanks to this, the system almost does not make mistakes when typing "mentally".

In order to achieve this result, you needimplant a neurochip in that part of the patient's cerebral cortex, which is responsible for performing various subtle actions, including moving the hand while writing a text.

The neuroprosthesis was successfully tested on a 63-year-old patient whose body was completely paralyzed after a spinal cord injury. The man quickly mastered the new system.

Our system has reached record speeddue to the fact that we directly read the letters that the patient draws in the mind. As it turned out, each such symbol is associated with a unique pattern of brain activity, which allows the computer to quickly recognize thoughts, while almost making no mistakes when typing text.

Francis Willett, Stanford University Research Fellow Francis Willett.

Neurophysiologists plan to test the interface on people who have lost their speech skills due to an illness.

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