A new fast method for calculating the properties of atomic nuclei has been created

The new approach is based on a concept called emulation: it does a rough calculation

instead of full. Despite the fact that researchers take the shortest route, the solution turns out to be much the same.

It resembles algorithms from machine learning,however, the end result is a completely new method. It opens up even more opportunities for fundamental research in areas such as nuclear physics.

Now that we can emulate atomic nuclei withusing this method, we have a completely new tool for constructing and analyzing theoretical descriptions of the forces between protons and neutrons inside an atomic nucleus.

Andreas Ekström, Associate Professor at the Department of Physics at Chalmers

Most of the atomic mass is in the centeratom, in a dense region called the atomic nucleus. The particles that make up the nucleus, protons and neutrons are in strong interaction. This power is important to our existence, but no one knows exactly how it works.

To expand our knowledge and uncover the fundamental properties of visible matter, researchers need to be able to model the properties of atomic nuclei with great accuracy.

The authors hope to further improve the emulation method and conduct advanced statistical analysis of quantum mechanical models.

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