A new fraudulent scheme related to social payments has appeared in Russia

Roskachestvo specialists warned Russians about new fraudulent schemes related to the topic of social

payments. We are talking about supposedly state payments to citizens under social contracts. Discuss

Experts warned that Telegram usersthere are messages about the possibility of receiving 250 thousand rubles from the state. To get it, you need to go to the website "Gosuslug". In fact, this is a phishing site that collects personal data from users.

Upon obtaining the necessary information, scammers can get a loan from it or deliver some other trouble to the victim.

The second fraud scheme is to fish out bank card details in order to steal money. The pretext is the same - the accrual of certain payments to citizens.

“In mailing lists and messages in Telegram, it is indicated thatthat you are applying for 250 thousand rubles, which have already been approved for you. It remains only to enter your personal data - most often on a phishing site that completely imitates "Gosuslugi". The user enters his data, passing them on to scammers, who can then use them to obtain a loan and other purposes," Roskachestvo reported.

It is also noted that employees of banks and "Gosuslug" will never ask for personal data or information on bank cards.