A new level of immersion: the Teslasuit Glove allows you to experience virtual objects

Teslasuit has announced a glove that can convey the sensations of virtual objects, including texture and


What is known

The company called its new project TeslasuitGlove, and positions it as a device for training, medical rehabilitation and other professional things. In addition, the gadget is compatible with the Teslasuit, which will allow you to capture movements or also transmit sensations from virtual objects throughout the body. The company initially positioned itself as a manufacturer of consumer electronics, but eventually switched to the business segment.

The Teslasuit Glove can fit severaltechnologies that will allow not only to convey texture, but also to simulate the hold and weight of an object. This gadget is supported by 9 electrodes located on each finger.

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Resistance from the surface will be createdplastic exoskeleton. Along with this, the Teslasuit Glove is equipped with finger and hand motion sensors, as well as a heart rate monitor to measure the user’s stress and other reactions.

Teslasuit Glove will be shown in January at the exhibitionconsumer electronics CES 2020. However, those present will not be able to evaluate the new product, since the gadget is still being tested within the company. Glove shipments will begin in the second half of 2020.

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