A new technology for focusing an ion funnel in an electrostatic field has been created

According to a recent study published in the journal Analytical Chemistry, Chinese scientists have succeeded in

realize the focusing of ions only with the help of a direct current electric field. This will increase the sensitivity of mass spectrometers.

Mass spectrometry with proton transfer reaction(PTR-MS) is a valuable research tool. However, scientists have long been trying to provide high sensitivity by creating mobile versions of the spectrometer (M-PTR-MS). To improve the sensitivity of the instruments, the researchers use a radio frequency focusing electric field in drift tubes to focus the ions. The problem is that this increases the power consumption of the device and its size. Therefore, the technology is not suitable for M-PTR-MS.

In a new study, researchers replacedtraditional ring electrode with five curved electrodes and welded metal mesh. This reduced the inner diameter of the five curved electrodes and contributed to efficient ion focusing. So the engineers realized a DC funnel that focuses in a constant electric field.

The new structure has many advantages.Compared with the traditional drift tube, the sensitivity of the DC ion funnel increased from 3.8 to 7.3 times. It also retains soft ionization in a standard spectrometer.

Researchers apply ion funnel technologydirect current to the M-PTR-MS model for mobile monitoring of volatile organic compounds in the atmosphere. And the result was impressive. In addition, the DC ion funnel can be easily connected to other types of mass spectrometers to improve their sensitivity, the scientists noted.

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