A patient from the United States suffered from coronavirus for 335 days. This is a record

47-year-old patient admitted to hospital with COVID-19 in spring 2020 - she ended up at the National Institute of Health

(NIH) in Maryland, Science magazine reported.Her infection lasted 335 days - doctors tracked this by constant positive tests for COVID-19 and lingering symptoms that are characteristic of the new type of coronavirus.

The patient's first test for COVID-19 waspositive, but the level of viruses in her body was barely detectable for the first few months. Then, in March 2021, the virus levels in her body went up again. The researchers compared the genomes of samples taken during the first and last months of treatment and found that it was the same virus and not reinfection. The authors reported this in a study published on the medRxiv website. The material has not yet been reviewed.

In Russia, revealed a new strain of COVID-19 - AY.4.2

As the doctors noted, the coronavirus was able to take so longremain in the woman's body due to weakened immunity - she has been treating lymphoma for a long time. About three years ago, the patient underwent CAR T cell therapy, which weakened the immune system, depriving the body of most of the immune system cells that make antibodies.

There are sporadic reports of patients withweakened immune systems, in which the virus persists much longer than others. For example, in a Washington DC patient with leukemia, the virus persisted for 70 days. It was the previous longest coronavirus case reported by researchers.

"Cases of infection in patients with weakenedthe immune system is given an opportunity to see how the virus "explores" the genetic space, ”senior author of the study, Elodie Gedin, a molecular virologist at the NIH, told Science. "By analyzing samples from this patient and other people with chronic infections, researchers can see how the virus develops."

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