A player in a popular multiplayer game made a mathematical test of survival

A thread created by the user Vault101manguy has appeared on the popular Reddit Internet resource, within which he

talks about the trap he built in Fallout76. So, in order to get out of it, users need to solve a simple logical problem in a fairly short time. In case of loss, the player was fried alive.

It’s worth understanding that these are all games and in factthe players were in any kind of danger - after death they could still return to the game, just with little loss. But it turned out to be very interesting that many players could not solve the school logic problem: “230 * 10 + 2 =?”. According to the creator of this entire system, many players spoke quite positively about his idea. So positive that they even came back again to try to solve the problem again. In turn, Vault101manguy itself allowed the players to take the lost “clothes” back without any problems, for which he personally accompanied them into the room.

Recall that this is not the first “game” createdVault101manguy in Fallout 76 - he had previously created the Deathclaw Maze maze, before which he personally met users, after which he watched how they tried to get out of it.