A prototype of a seasonal battery appeared. She can store energy in the spring and release it in the fall.

Scientists have created a battery for the electrical grid, which accumulates energy for several months and does not

loses most of its capacity.

They called it a battery with a cyclefreezing-thawing. She can store energy for a long time in order to use it later. According to the researchers, this is a step towards a new type of battery that can be used for seasonal storage: save energy at one time of the year, such as spring, and use it at another time, such as autumn.

Our battery adopts long lasting technologyenergy storage. Such developments are important in order to increase the sustainability of the network when using a large number of renewable energy sources. This study is an important step towards solving the problem of seasonal energy storage.

Imre Gück, Director in the Energy Storage Division at the Energy Directorate of the Ministry of Energy

Such batteries will also improve the work of utilities: they will be able to reduce power outages. This is relevant, for example, after various climatic disasters - storms, hurricanes, fires.

First, the battery is charged when itheated to 180 ° C - ions freely pass through the liquid electrolyte and chemical energy is created. The battery is then cooled to room temperature. The electrolyte becomes solid, and the energy-transferring ions remain almost immobile. To reactivate operation, the battery must be heated again.

During this process, the battery literallyfreezes and thaws. This is possible due to the fact that molten salt was used as the electrolyte. The material becomes liquid at higher temperatures but solid at room temperature.

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