A quick overview of the budget monitor with Asus VS239N IPS-matrix

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Inexpensive monitors with an IPS matrix are now being announced and appearing on the market with enviable regularity. Asus VS239N

- one of these: budget, without pretensions to originality, with an ordinary appearance, but a good image.


The 23-inch Asus VS239N monitor has a standardfor its size, the screen resolution is 1920x1080 pixels. In addition to the IPS-matrix, the model that we visited in the editorial office is also notable for its modest set of connectors - DVI and VGA. In the older version of this model (Asus VS239H) there is also an HDMI port, and its price is higher by 200-300 UAH. In general, the characteristics of this monitor is almost identical to the LG Flatron IPS234T, which we visited a couple of months ago. The difference lies in the time of the call - in this model it is 14 ms, this is a lot and a weak result against the background of 5-8 ms, which is shown by many modern models.

Specifications of Asus VS239N

Matrix type

23 inches

Aspect ratio

1920x1080 pixels

Screen type

250 cd/sq. m.


Viewing angles

Connectors and ports

Response time
14 ms

VESA mount 100x100

Dimensions, with stand
552&#215;400.3&#215;200 mm

Weight, with stand
3.5 kg


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In the category of monitors up to 2000 UAH to find something withspecial design is not easy. By its appearance, only the Chinese AOC I2353 liked its appearance - it also looked extraordinary, and its assembly made a very good impression. But for the majority of models in this segment the concepts of “outstanding”, “extraordinary” are not applicable. And everything that is assembled better than a children's Chinese designer and looks more pleasant than a coffin with music can already be called “pretty”. The Asus VS239N monitor is lucky, it is just one of those cute ones. The front of the monitor is made of ordinary glossy black plastic, not too easily soiled. The back panel is embossed and matte. The round stand mysteriously glitters on all 32 teeth, the pattern on its surface looks like texture. It is this stand that makes the model look nicer than most state employees.

The monitor is attached to the stand one smalla bolt. Unlike the LG Flatron IPS234T, which nods to the user almost with any wind blowing, this one holds securely, and if it staggers, then this is a sure sign that some people didn’t screw the monitor tight enough to the base.

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Controlled by hardwarekeys in the lower right of the front panel. More precisely, the buttons themselves are under the screen, and only symbols are put on the panel. For the sake of fairness, I note that here, Asus VS239N bypasses its Korean competitor: the buttons react softer to the touches, the screen does not move with every push when pressed.

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And the monitor operation indicator looks like onea tiny dot, not a red crescent, as in the IPS234T model. But there is already a matter of taste: someone likes such crescents, but someone does not like extra highlights.

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This is what it looks like at our closest competitor

The monitor allows you to adjust only the angle of inclination, the ability to adjust the position in height or rotate there. In the photo below - the maximum angles of inclination.

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The screen keeps in such position normally, it is regulated easily and smoothly, without efforts and jerks.

Menu and image

The monitor menu consists of five sub-items, one ofwhich - setting the display of the menu itself, the other - the choice of input, and three more reserved for adjusting the image. As seen in the screenshots, it is not fully translated into Russian, but it doesn’t immediately catch the eye and is unlikely to become a problem for anyone.

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Item Splendid offers several preset image settings to choose from. Oddly enough, they are all pleasing to the eye, there are no overly bright and unnatural options.

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About image quality with information contentI will tell Captain Obvious that it is traditionally good for a monitor with such a matrix: excellent viewing angles, pleasant, rich and natural colors, only black (well, you know, this is a budget monitor), slightly lacks depth and saturation. As for the response time, I didn’t feel any discomfort. Although in my case the use case was like this: view captured photos and videos for reviews ongg, edit, look gigabyte photosfrom vacation, to work a lot with the text and on the Internet, at your leisure to watch a couple of fresh series of TV series, in the video series of which there are no dynamic scenes. The monitor coped with such tasks, there is nothing to complain about. But it is not suitable for computer games, for example.


The list of competitors of this model is extensive, they are somewheretwice as much as I have included in the table, so as not to confuse you. Asus VS239N itself is not there, its characteristics can be seen at the beginning of the review, but Asus ML239H is presented as an example of a monitor from the same manufacturer, but with a shorter response time. As for the rest, as you can see, almost all the color of monitor manufacturers is represented in this price category. This is how the next 23-inch Asus VS239N competitors with IPS-matrix, FullHD-resolution and a similar set of connectors.

The most attractive competitors of this modelIiyama ProLite X2377HDS-1 (there are built-in speakers and HDMI) and Dell UltraSharp U2312HM (which also has more ports, and USB connectors). But given that the monitor will be on sale with a price tag of about 1700 UAH, for a couple of months its price will drop to the level of the LG IPS234T and Viewsonic VX2336S-LED monitors. I wasn’t personally familiar with the second one, but the LG IPS234T is clearly inferior to the Asus VS239N in terms of build quality, image factory settings and in such a subjective thing as appearance. However, against the background of all these models, the response time of the Asus VS239N is striking, which is an important contraindication for some users.

In the dry residue

The budget monitor Asus VS239N produces pleasantImpressed both in terms of design, and in terms of assembly, and in terms of ease of use. The only thing in which it is inferior to its increasingly numerous competitors is &#8211; this is the response time. In new models it is often 5 ms, while our hero has 14 ms. This suggests that the Asus VS239N is not a very good candidate for those who love computer games and films in the spirit of “shooting, running, going crazy” with a lot of dynamic scenes. For these purposes, either monitors with a TN matrix are suitable, but then you will have to sacrifice viewing angles and good color rendering, or monitors with an IPS matrix, but with a shorter response time. The Asus VS239N is rather a good purchase for the office or for the home if the user requires a monitor with good color rendition and viewing angles, for example, for amateur image work.3 reasons to buy Asus VS239N:

  • inexpensive IPS monitor;
  • nice design and good build;
  • convenient control buttons.

2 reasons not to buy Asus VS239N:

  • There is no HDMI port in this modification (but there is an Asus VS239H);
  • long response time (14 ms).