A robot has appeared that draws graffiti like a person

The device, called GTGraffiti, mimics the fluidity of human hand movements. GTGraffiti uses

motion capture technology: it records how a person moves, then processes gestures and programs the movements of the robot.

In order for the robot to be able to draw in a human style,it must be designed taking into account the characteristics of the person. To do this, the team used motion capture technology to study how artists paint. This strategy allows you to understand how the hand should move in order to make the right strokes.

To do this, the researchers invited twoartists to draw the letters of the alphabet in graffiti style. As each artist painted, they recorded the movements of the hand as well as the movements of the spray can. This data helps the robot when drawing: it uses the same composition and movements as a human artist.

The team then processed the data toanalyze each movement: how quickly it was performed, on what scale a new stroke was made. In the third stage, the artist's composition is converted into electrical signals. The result is a library of digital symbols that can be programmed for any image size, angle, and combination.

To select a sequence of strokes, you need to use mathematical equations to create paths that the robot should follow.

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