A Saildrone drone captured the view from the center of Hurricane Fiona, which hit Canada

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration used the Saildrone marine drone

to study Hurricane Fiona.

What is known

The agency has long used Saildrone tosearch for the reasons for the rapid intensification of storms. During the new mission, the drone was able to record video while inside Category 4 Hurricane Fiona, which hit the east coast of Canada over the weekend.

September 22 Saildrone was sent to the centerhurricane, which at that time was near Bermuda. During the performance of the tasks, the drone withstood the wind at a speed of over 160 km/h and waves over 15 m high.

To study the hurricane "Fiona" was useddrone SD 1078. This is one of the seven "hurricane" drones that perform their missions in the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Scientists use them to collect real-time data to understand the physical processes that go on inside hurricanes. This knowledge is expected to help improve the accuracy of storm forecasting and reduce loss of life through timely preparation of coastal areas.