A schoolgirl found a Bronze Age treasure: 65 artifacts date back to 1300 BC.

A young artifact seeker combing a field near Royston in the southeast of Hertfordshire

England when she discovered an ancient ax.After the archaeologists arrived at the site, they removed the rest of the treasure, which will go to the British Museum in London. A total of 65 artifacts were recovered from the field, dating back to approximately 1,300 BC.

The girl named Millie got carried away with the searchtreasure because of the father. They managed to unearth about 20 items, but this place had to be closed before the arrival of archaeologists. In the future, the young treasure hunter plans to go out with her father every Sunday in the hope of finding another treasure. According to the BBC, Millie plans to split the cash reward for the find equally with the landowner. She will spend her part on archaeological equipment.

Recall that the Bronze Age is the era of humanhistory, during which people began to better process metals such as copper and tin and obtain bronzes from them. The Bronze Age covers the period 2 800-900 BC. NS. It was then that people learned to make products and tools from metal.

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