A separate online publication about the life of bloggers will be launched in Russia

The Russian media company Gazprom Media will launch a separate online publication on the life of bloggers called


Now the company is looking for employees for a newportal. It is assumed that this will be a publication about luxury and influence on the Internet. It will talk about bloggers, the film industry, fashion, culture, art, psychology, technology and science. The launch of the project is scheduled for March.

Gazprom Media expects that the resource will beread by users 18-35 years old, "who follow the life of bloggers and spend a lot of time on social networks." In addition, the publication intends to publish its own rating of bloggers.

Sources of Kommersant suggested that in suchthe publication may be invested "not less than 10 million rubles." But SRSLY has no direct competitors. However, according to media managers, now in the country is not the best time to open new publications. Earn a new resource is going to native advertising.