A sequel to the turn-based roguelike For The King has been announced

For The King is an amazing combination of strategy and JRPG with roguelike elements. Next year the game will receive

sequel, said publisher Curve Games and studio IronOak Games.

You have to face the minions of the once beloved Queen Farul for the honor of her deceased husband, King Bronner.

“A fanatical royal awaits on every cornerguards, and bandits hide in any alley. Will you risk betraying power and teaming up with other criminals to end the queen's despotic rule?"

You can explore the world alone or in co-op up to four people.

Other elements of For The King II:

  • New biomes
  • Various skills and equipment
  • Procedurally generated maps, quests, trophies and events
  • A large number of character classes with their parameters and skills

The game will be released sometime in 2023 on the PC, and subsequently the developers promise to release it on the console.