A smart bracelet for epilepsy patients will warn in advance about an attack

Doctors at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, USA, have developed a wearable predictive and predictive

the possibility of preventing epileptic seizures.

Dr. Benjamin Brinkmann, Specialist inneurological diseases, proposed the concept of a device, the work of which is based on the analysis of patterns indicating the development of an epileptic seizure.

The study involved 6 patients withdiagnosed with drug-resistant epilepsy, who wore special bracelets on their wrists for a year in addition to implanted neurostimulation devices that measure the electrical activity of the brain. The bracelets recorded data on electrical characteristics of the skin, body temperature, blood flow, heart rate, and accelerometry data that tracked movement.

Based on this information, the devices warned of a seizure 30 minutes in advance. During this time, a person could either prepare for such a situation, or even stop the attack.

According to doctors, development is not only usefulfor patients, because it improves their quality of life, but also indicates that epileptic seizures can be prevented without direct measurement of brain activity.

Source: Nature