A strange vortex appeared at the north pole of the Sun

The sun is currently approaching the peak of its solar cycle, an 11-year process where it changes

their magnetic poles.Although astronomers have known about the solar cycle for centuries, modern equipment now allows us to study the solar cycle up close, and many new phenomena have been observed lately.

Vortex in the Sun

Usually during the active phases of the solar cycle, you canobserve a large number of sunspots, areas of the Sun with intense magnetic fields. They can also be accompanied by solar flares, the emission of electromagnetic radiation from the Sun. On the other hand, scientists have also observed coronal mass ejections, which eject plasma into space along with magnetic fields.

However, last year, solar prominences appeared on our star, which are also known as filaments, depending on how they are observed from Earth.

According to NASA's website, a solar prominence is a large, bright feature that extends outward from the Sun's surface. It looks like a loop and is made of plasma.

Astrophysicist Tamita Skov, involved in spaceweather, recently shared a short video clip of images taken by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) showing one of these vortices breaking away.

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