A system against blind spots has appeared: it will show a pedestrian even behind a bus

The new system works on the basis of communication between vehicles (V2V), as well as between vehicles

facilities and infrastructure (V2I).This combination makes it possible to increase the safety of traffic, since during the trip the system accumulates data inside itself and supplements information about the stop around.

According to the developers, the new system worksso: when a vehicle, for example, drives up to an intersection, the algorithm receives information from the cars in front, as well as those moving in the opposite direction. The system also processes data from stations of intelligent transport systems equipped with cameras or lidars - laser sensors.

If one of these vehicles orstations fixed a car or a pedestrian hidden from transport sensors, then the system of an approaching car warns the driver and shows the location of the hidden danger.

In the event that the driver did not have time to react to the threat, the algorithm triggers the collision avoidance system and automatically activates the brakes.

As a result of field teststhe system successfully detected pedestrians who were hidden by the building seconds before the on-board sensors of an approaching vehicle detected them.

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