Translucent "jelly fish" found in the waters of Alaska. Scientists have explained its unusual appearance

A group of researchers who studied the depths of the sea near Alaska found a translucent

a jelly-like fish with an unusual sucker on its belly.

Spotted snail fish (Crystallichthyscyclospilus) is found exclusively in the North Pacific Ocean and can survive more than 830 m below the ocean surface. Researchers from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) stumbled upon this soft creature while trawling off the coast of Alaska's Aleutian Islands as part of a routine exploration of the deep sea ecosystem. Later, Sarah Friedman, a NOAA scientist and expedition crew member, shared a photo of the spotted snail on social media.

The body of the fish is "very gelatinous" and feels like"a piece of jelly," she said. “It is believed that this helps the individual swim effectively under the most powerful pressure of the deep sea,” the scientist added. These fish have an almost completely transparent body, except for the eyes, stomach and dark spots on the skin. This adaptation helps them hide from predators.

As the participants of the expedition noted, they are happyshow unusual fish on the Internet so that more people can see the individual with their own eyes. “Crystallichthys cyclospilus live in relatively remote places and at great depths, so the average person will never meet this species,” the scientists conclude.

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