A unique boat turns into a submarine in two minutes and is invisible to the enemy

The first tests of the hybrid vessel are taking place near the company's headquarters in Portsmouth, Hampshire. home

the goal of specialists is to check the balance of the vessel duringworking hours. Unlike other boats, the VICTA concept combines a fast surface ship and an underwater vehicle within a single platform. The boat submerges under water and can cover some distance like a submarine.

Speedboat that can move andunder water, it is necessary for the quick and inconspicuous delivery of combat swimmers to the enemy's territory. It is less risky for the lives of the military and the safety of the mission.

VICTA is designed to carry eight soldiers withequipment. When the boat is on the water, it develops a speed of over 55.6 km / h, covering up to 463 km at a time. Under water VICTA will be able to travel at speeds up to 14.8 km / h for a distance of 46.3 km. To transform from a boat to a submarine, the device takes only two minutes.

The VICTA body is made of carboncomposite materials. To move on water, it uses a 725 horsepower engine, and in the underwater one - two electric motors, each with a capacity of 20 kW. The boat will control the diving depth using four horizontal screws.

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