A unique mosaic with scenes from Homer's Iliad was accidentally found on a farm in England

In the English county of Rutlandshire, archaeologists have made a unique discovery - a Roman villa. She is decorated

mosaics depicting scenes from an epic poemThe Iliad attributed to Homer. It is part of the floor of the dining or entertainment area of ​​the villa and measures 11 x 7 m. Nothing like this has ever been found in the UK before.

Villa was accidentally found by Jim Irwin, sonlandowner Brian Naylor. He made the discovery after accidentally spotting "unusual pottery" while walking and contacted an archaeological team at Leicestershire County Council. After the territory of the farm was studied by scientists from the University of Leicester. Experts from the Historical England Center, which funded the urgent excavation, described the mosaic as "one of the most significant finds in Britain."

"Historic England"

Now the mosaic and the surrounding complex of villasProtected as a listed building by the Department of Digital Culture, Media and Sports (DCMS). It is believed that a wealthy man of the late Roman period lived in this complex.

In general, mosaics were regularly used inprivate and public buildings throughout the Roman Empire, and they frequently featured famous characters from mythology. However, the find is considered unique to Britain as it depicts Achilles and his battle with Hector at the end of the Trojan War. “It is wonderful to discover such a rare mosaic of this size, as well as the surrounding villa,” said Duncan Wilson, executive director of Historic England.

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