A user sent a Steam Deck game console for repair, and received ... a deep fryer for turkey

A funny incident happened to one of the Reddit users after his Steam handheld game console

Deck is broken.

What did he say?

According to the user, after the repair, he receiveda box that was much larger than the Steam Deck packaging. Opening it, he found inside not only a refurbished unit, but also a brand new Butterball turkey fryer.

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The most interesting thing is that Valve denies everything:the company replied to their customer that he sent them the fryer himself, and the company representatives simply returned it back. But the user assures that he did not do this, because why does he need extra expenses for forwarding?

According to one possible version, Valve useswholesaler Ingram Micro (IG) for distribution and logistics. IG has ties to many major retailers, including Amazon and Walmart, so its warehouses are stocked with all sorts of merchandise. Most likely, IG accidentally combined two orders and added someone's deep fryer to the Steam Deck. So it looks like someone went through Thanksgiving without a delicious turkey.