A vulnerability was found in AMD and Intel processors. Fixing it will make them up to 28% weaker

A group of researchers from ETH Zurich have discovered a completely new species

cyberattacks on processors. Using it, attackers can extract data from the memory of the CPU core.

The method was called Retbleed. At the same time, according to experts, using it, you can steal passwords and other confidential data.

It proved to be effective against modern chipsIntel and AMD, including the Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake, Zen 1, Zen 1+ and Zen 2 lines. At the same time, newer processors block the attack with existing protection mechanisms.

Chip makers have already sharedrecommendations, following which you can minimize the risks of becoming a victim of hackers using Retbleed. At the same time, they noted that this would require using 12 to 28% of additional computational costs.

Thus, users are given a choice: either to risk security or reduce the performance of their processor.