Acceleration of a smartphone without an upgrade: Ark compiler

When we bought top smartphones five or six years ago, the performance of the new products was amazing,

it seemed that there were no tasks in the world thata smartphone won't be able to solve it. The interface simply flew, games at maximum settings produced an incredible number of frames per second. But time passed, new smartphones appeared, with new, more productive hardware. The functions of the smartphone have not changed since then, but for some reason users no longer have enough power of the devices. Why? I haven’t stopped calling, the same sites open, instant messengers, videos, etc. But we strive to buy a more powerful smartphone, spending a lot of money on it. But once upon a time, one phone was enough for us for several years. Why is this and can it be changed?

How to speed up a smartphone without an upgrade

The head of Huawei made a statement in whichannounced the smartphone Honor V20, which will be the world's first Android device with the new Ark compiler. This will seriously increase the performance of the device without upgrading its hardware stuffing. That is, after updating the software, the smartphone will work more smoothly and quickly. Super speed on the designated smartphone will appear in early May.

Simultaneously with the launch of the P30 series in the Middle KingdomHuawei has introduced the latest Ark compiler, increasing, according to the developer, the performance of the Android operating system. Acceleration is made possible by new optimization algorithms at a low level (architecture level). Chinese experts call the new compiler a real breakthrough, this is the next stage in the performance of the Android system. Ark is the world's first mobile multilingual Android optimization compiler.

According to the developers, Ark completes the compilationfull application code directly in the development environment. And after installing on a smartphone, the application will work completely autonomously with maximum efficiency, since it will not require virtual resources. The effectiveness of the system while significantly increasing.

Developer Announces Increaseperformance by almost 25 percent, response speed by almost 50 percent, and third-party applications up to 60 percent. The compiler from Huawei will be free software, that is, with open source, so that developers are encouraged to continue working to improve the function, potentially capable of breathing new life into the industry.

If the compiler accepts most developers,then there will be some kind of unification that will benefit performance. At the moment, each manufacturer of smartphones is customizing Android by its own means. Therefore, even on the same hardware, different models work with different performance.

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