Acer C250i: a portable LED projector for smartphones

The Taiwanese company Acer presented an interesting device in Berlin - the compact projector C250i, which

can project content directly from a smartphone,automatically stabilizing and adjusting the image from any angle and switching from landscape to portrait mode. Its main feature is that the projector can be used anywhere: there was a need to demonstrate photographs of a project on the road or in an unequipped office - a portable projector can easily do this. Moreover, the image quality is at a very high level with the highest resolution. The autonomy of the device is enough for a very long presentation.


Whereas ordinary projectors (most) haverestrictions on horizontal projection, the novelty is able to do this at any angle without any kind of devices and supports. In addition, the projector looks very stylish, it is ergonomic and, thanks to its shape, saves space. You can stand and put the device in, you can rotate it until the projection becomes what you need, if you put it, the device will automatically switch the image, as it is used for smartphones with image orientation. The functionality and flexibility of the settings for this baby as a professional equipment. The distortion correction system is able to align the image at any angle, and make the projection perfect. The image quality from the portable projector is unexpected - 1080p, and the battery life is five hours.

Wireless connection supportedAndroid and iOS mobile platforms. No wires, convenient both on the road and at home. Resource LED module is 30 thousand hours of continuous operation, color gamut of 100 percent NTSC, a margin of brightness of 300 lumens, and a contrast of five thousand. The device’s charging is two-way, that is, the projector can act as a powerbank for smartphones. This project is perfect for watching TV shows, movies, videos, it has built-in powerful 5-watt speakers. In addition to wireless, the projector can output an image via HDMI, if you have suitable content on a laptop or desktop. There is also a USB-C port and regular Type-A. At the same time, the port speed is enough to play video content from a flash drive without a computer or smartphone.

Laser technology

Together with a portable projector, the companyintroduced the laser series PL1. These are already professional-level projectors, and they are intended for use at exhibitions, conferences and other mid-level events (not very large venues). At the same time, a professional level means that the projector is capable of working 24 hours a day for any number of days. The laser module has a resource of 30 thousand hours. Promotions, message boards, thematic videos in halls and lobbies so on

As for prices, the start of sales of the Acer C250ischeduled for early next year. The cost of the projector is 540 euros. Will the device be available in the Russian market, and at what price - will be announced later. A laser professional projector will enter the market in November, and its cost will be one and a half thousand euros.