ACME PS407 IPX7 Portable Speaker Review

This review is addressed to those music lovers who do not part with it, neither at home, nor on the street, nor in the forest, nor on

the beach. To the editors gg arrived portable water-proof (IPX7)Acoustics ACME PS407, the main purpose of which is to entertain its owner and his friends anywhere without reference to the outlet. So, the basic requirements for such a device are as follows:

  • high power;
  • sufficient autonomy;
  • environmental protection
  • nor are they too large in size or weight.

I deliberately did not include quality on this list.sounding - it’s enough to make the speaker sound better than the built-in speaker of the phone, but it’s not a god knows what an engineering task. We will return to the issue of sound quality, but for now we’ll take a closer look at the new product.

Design and ergonomics

Over the look of this portable speakerthe systems did a good job by the designers. Its body is not a cylinder, but a triangular prism, at the base of which lies a triangle with strongly rounded corners. These three faces are not flat, but slightly convex, so the column lies unstable on a flat surface. However, it doesn’t lie on the majority of advertising images (if marketers didn’t read Freud, they’ve definitely heard something somewhere), but the correct arrangement of stereo speakers is still horizontal - left and right.

</ img>

The whole body, except the ends and the control panel,covered with fabric mesh. I'm not sure that this is practical, especially when used outdoors - dust and small debris will linger in the mesh structure. But it looks beautiful, solid, the column feels nice in the hand and does not slip out. An eyelet with a string threaded into it is used for fastening on clothes or, for example, a backpack.

</ img>

The ends of the case are interestingly decorated - in themBeautiful silver plugs are installed on the rubber suspension, which vibrate during the operation of the acoustics, like speaker diffusers. But these are not speakers, but the so-called passive emitters: they have a diffuser, but there is no driver - a magnet and a coil. Being, in fact, a more progressive alternative to the bass reflex, such a radiator improves the frequency response (amplitude-frequency characteristic) of the acoustics, but at the same time eliminates the need for extra holes in the housing.

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The speakers themselves are located on one faceprisms, and it is not immediately clear which of the two. It is difficult to show in the photo, the speaker holes are visible only in reflected light due to the absence of glare under the fabric. If you put the speakers in your speakers, the control panel will be on the back. This is an insert of a rather thick rubber with stamped buttons in it.

</ img>

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Part of the panel is a cover under whichhiding a microUSB connector (for external power) and an audio input (AUX) for wired connection to a sound source. A charging cable is included, a charger and an audio cable are not.

</ img>

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Behind a small hole in the control panelThere are a microphone and an LED indicator. The LED is heavily recessed into the body (to give the sound a pass to the microphone), so it is practically not visible from the side.


PS407 can connect to the phone usingHSP / HFP profiles for voice communication, A2DP / AVRCP for listening to music, and PBAP for transferring the caller’s number, but this audio system does not have a display for displaying contacts. Information on the battery charge level is also transmitted via the “telephone” communication channel, which is displayed graphically in the switch panel and more precisely, in percentage terms, in the list of paired Bluetooth devices:

</ img>

The purpose of the buttons on the panel is clear frompictograms, only the purpose of the one that is second on the right in the photo had to be clarified in a brief graphic instruction located on one side of the packaging box - it turned out to switch the column to TWS mode. To do this, you need another speaker system of the same kind, and then they can already be spread out to a certain distance and get a full spatial picture of the sound. One speaker with its two speakers also produces stereo sound, but in order to hear at least some stereo panorama, you need to get close to the speakers.

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Three buttons have a dual purpose: “+” and “-“, in addition to increasing / decreasing the volume, allow you to go to the next / previous track, and “Play” is also used to accept and end a call.

Impressions of use

High fidelity, clarity and detailOf course, I did not expect any 44.5 mm diameter speakers located nearby. The first impression is “wow, what bass!” But then you notice that deep bass is poorly played, or even lost at all, the bass is a little higher, on the contrary, it is excessively amplified, often they can be too much if there are so many of them in the recording.

[Zanuda mode ON]

Deciding to work out a bit, I listened withphone test fragments of musical compositions in a loseless .ape format from your favorite PrimeTest CD # 1 disc, after reading the descriptions to them, in order to know what to pay attention to. The column has successfully failed many tests ... it failed, especially one moment. In the description of the fragment of Jacques Loussier - Gavotte in D Major it says “... at the 35th second the double bass takes a re ...” And on this acoustics at the 35th second no double bass is heard at all! In other tests, the vocals “sank” in rich accompaniment, then the plates in the rock composition “strewed with peas”, but ... wait a minute! Such tests are designed to configure high-end speakers and amplifiers, which in dollars can cost more than the PS407 in hryvnias! On the other hand, in one fragment this little one very clearly reproduced the voices of a group of vocalists without merging them into an indistinct choir, and in the other, as was indicated in the description, the “voices” of two violins and cello were clearly distinguished, and the vocals with a quiet accompaniment or without it was transmitted with all the nuances. If you go through the types of instruments and genres, I liked the sound of strings in the middle and upper parts of the range, the winds are a little annoying with their sharpness, and basses, both electronic and acoustic, often hum and tune. Vocals and electronic music are good, the spoken genre (podcasts, video blogs) is excellent, a large orchestra and rich rock compositions are problems with detailing, rock ballads are excellent. In general, if you don’t quibble too much (and what kind of nit-picking can be to a beach speaker?), Then we can say that at a volume of up to 3/4 of the maximum this portable acoustics sounds pretty decent (and this is via Bluetooth). Passive emitters, which I mentioned above, add to the sound of lightness, openness and spatial sound (as far as possible with such dimensions and system design). If you close them with your hands, the sound of the speakers becomes flat, sandwiched inside the case. By the way, in the Russian translation on the manufacturer’s website they are called “passive radiators”, which is incorrect, since the word “radiator” is more likely associated with cooling or heating systems.

[Zanuda mode OFF]

There are no complaints regarding the volume. It is regulated separately on the phone and the speaker, from the point of view of sound quality it is desirable both there and there to not bring to the maximum. The rubber buttons have a clear click, but are taut, so I set the column level to about 3/4 of the maximum, and controlled the volume from the phone. However, at the same time the incoming call signal, rather sharp and unpleasant, was played very loudly, so I just turned off the “telephone” Bluetooth profile, leaving only the “music” one.

</ img>

The claimed 2 x 5 watts are worked out honestly. The speaker easily voices the interior of the car on the go, blocking the noise of the air conditioner turned on at medium power, it is also more than enough to sound the workplace at a computer that does not have its own acoustics, or a laptop whose sound you do not like.

For the sake of experiment, I put the PS407 in my backpack,turned on one of the Alannah Myles albums at full volume (neglecting distortion) and rode a bike through the streets with heavy traffic. When there was no headwind buzzing in my ears and no heavy truck was passing by, the music was clearly audible from a closed backpack.

Bluetooth phone connection wasstable, in a room without barriers, music was played without breaks at a distance of up to 15 meters, in the presence of an interior wall between the telephone and the speaker, the maximum distance was half that.

Autonomy is full (so that from fullcharge to zero) could not be tested, but over the last three days of testing, the column worked for about 12 hours, of which about 2 hours at full volume, and during this time the battery charge decreased from 80% to 30%. That is, the claimed 25 hours of operation at medium volume are quite real.

Dust and water protection

It is declared in IPX7 class, which means completeprotection against dust and the ability to stay under water at a depth of 1 meter for half an hour. On the last day before the test device was returned, I decided to drown the test device (for the first time, by the way, in my entire history of gadget writing). Well, “drown” - it is said loudly, simply poured into a small container of water and put a column there. It immediately became clear that the protection against immersion to some depth there was excessive, because the column turned out to be lighter than water. She plunged about half, turning something heavy in the case (apparently, the battery) down, and swam calmly, not ceasing to play. Submerging it completely in water, I saw air bubbles coming out of the gap between the fabric upholstery and the plastic part at the end of the case, and did not dare to continue.

A couple of hours after the test, the fabric has dried, the column is working, nothing gurgles inside. But still, I note that the manufacturer does not recommend prolonged bathing and prolonged use in water.

Special project

Artificial Intelligence on TVs: How It Works

In the dry residue

ACME PS407 - good portable speakers withoutstanding sound quality for its class, catchy appearance and long battery life. The solution used in its design (passive emitters) is interesting both from a design and from a technical point of view, and dust and water protection allows you not to worry about the system's operability in any conditions. The price in Ukrainian retail from 1000 hryvnia (for example, right now in Foxtrot) is quite justified.

2 reasons to buy portable speakers ACME PS407

  • Are you looking for an all-weather audio system for camping or the beach?
  • your phone or tablet does not reproduce sound well through its own speaker, and you do not have another device for listening to music.

2 reasons not to buy ACME PS407 portable speakers

  • you already have a portable secure bluetooth speaker
  • do you want to buy a smart speaker with voice commands

Specifications ACME PS407

190x80x80 mm

810 g

frequency range
20–20,000 Hz

AUX (3.5 mm mini-jack), Bluetooth 4.2 (HSP / HFP, A2DP / AVRCP, PBAP)

2 x 5 W

USB 5V; Li-Ion battery (up to 25 hours of music playback)

Protection against dust and moisture

Ability to work in conjunction with another speaker in TWS mode to increase power and expand the stereo base

Secured Bluetooth Speaker ACME PS407

IPX7 Wireless Speaker with Great Sound

Best in its price categoryIPX7-class Bluetooth speaker with water and dust protection, excellent sound and price, allowing you to be a candidate for the first wireless speakers for use outdoors.

good thing!