Activision is not needed: Bungie announced a "new era" for Destiny 2

News about the departure of key employees from Bungie made Destiny 2 fans nervous. Gamers thought that

the studio started having difficulty with parting with Activision, but it seems that the developers are preparing to surprise the players.

What is known

In the last blog, Bungie talked aboutchanges that await players with the start of the season "abundance" is June 4. Gamers will be able to participate in the new raid, knock out the updated engrams and complete a couple of new tasks. For Bungie, the upcoming season will be a landmark, because it will be the last update released in collaboration with Activision.

At the end of the blog, the developers wrote that afterthe release of the season "Abundance" in Destiny 2 and inside the studio itself will begin a "new era." Bungie did not tell what they were planning to do, but warned the players to follow the news.

"Right now, our attention is focused on“Abundant,” but after the start of the season and the award of raid belts, we will look deeper into the future and tell you about the new era for Bungie and Destiny 2, ”wrote Bungie.

Already on June 11, E3 2019 will begin, and it is possible thatThe exhibition will come Bungie with the announcement of the third year of updates. Judging by the wording, the developers have not finished with Destiny 2, so shooter fans will rather hear news about updates for the sequel than the announcement of the third game of the series.