Add extra protection to your BioProtect XS Tweak device.

For some people, their privacy is more important than others. If you are one of those people, you will like it.

new jailbreak tweak Bioprotect XS (iOS 12).

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BioProtect is one of the most popular security tweaks for jailbreak devices. BioProtext XS is its updated version for iOS 12, and it works with both Touch ID and Face ID.

When you install Tweak, a new panel with its options will appear in Settings. Here you can:

  • Enable and disable the tweak.
  • Enable vibration when BioProtect authentication fails.
  • Adjust vibro-feedback.
  • Choose trusted Wi-Fi-networks, when connected to which the tweak stops acting.
  • Configure Touch ID options.
  • Configure password options.
  • Choose a theme for tweak.
  • Choose applications that will be protected by tweak.
  • Select folders to be protected.
  • Select control point icons to be protected.
  • Configure Caller ID security.
  • Configure off button protection.
  • Enable SIM card security.
  • Enable application switch security.
  • Include Siri protection.
  • Enable protection of application icons on the home screen.
  • Protect the library in the application Photo.
  • Configure BioProtect notifications.
  • Show the names of protected applications during authentication.
  • Blur card application switch.
  • Display the text "BioProtected" in the application switcher.
  • Close protected folders after launch.
  • Protect applications inside folders.
  • Reset settings.
  • Update tweak automatically.

The following are examples of possible settings:

If you want to install tweak, then downloadBioProtect XS (iOS 12) can be from the BigBoss repository. It is intended only for devices with iOS 12 jailbreak. BioProtect X is suitable for earlier versions of the system.