Adobe Illustrator will learn to extract color palettes from any photos.

Adobe at the OFFF Creative Conference Barcelona has demonstrated a new experimental feature for

Illustrator. It allows you to apply a color palette from any image to your image.

To whom it will be useful

Designers, artists and all creative people,working in Adobe Illustrator, finally you will need beautiful saved pictures. The new Color Transfer function will extract the color palette from the loaded photos and superimpose it on the created masterpiece, changing all the colors of the fill at once. This is especially useful in those moments when it is difficult to find the right colors or you want to experiment with a gamut (or when the customer asks you to jot down options).

After the app automatically paintswork, you can make your own changes, if suddenly it seems that the color of the sea wave will look more interesting than the usual blue. It is not yet known when this function will appear in all and whether it will appear at all, however, it would significantly speed up the process of creating vector illustrations.