Affordable and exclusive Samsung Galaxy M20

Finally, the Korean manufacturer Samsung has begun producing budget smartphones. Previously with non-flagship

the company's models were quite sad, theyfailed in sales, little was said about them, but today the situation has changed, and the Koreans have tried to improve the situation of budget models. They did well, the models are well-known, and sales activity speaks of their popularity.


As for the current hero of the Galaxy M20, thenit can not be found in retail, that is, it is not in stores around the corner and in supermarkets, the device is available exclusively online (this is like a movie that comes out immediately for streaming, without rental in movie theaters) in Tmall. What is it, the company of its product is embarrassed, or is testing a new sales format? Judging by the sales activity, the experiment is rather unsuccessful, because the data published by Tmall show that less than 10 thousand units were sold, whereas note 7 from Redmi (the closest competitor) has more than 20 thousand in this online shop only. and it is sold not only there, from there is a difference at times.

Price tag

It is stated that the smartphone is offered in twoversions: the youngest with 3 gigabytes of RAM and a 32 gigabyte drive, and the older version is 464. But you can only buy the first option, since the second one quickly disappeared from the offers. Initially, the price tag was officially recommended at 14 thousand rubles, but for that kind of money it was not there, it immediately began to slide, and now it costs about 11.4 thousand rubles.


There is a sensation. That the company sacrificed the design of the device to everything else. It looks heavy, and frankly plastic, and glossy, which quickly becomes untidy due to the many prints that the case is very successfully and quickly collects. But ergonomics did not suffer from gloss, the tablet is not slippery, however, the case, even the simplest one, is still worth buying. This will eliminate the set of fingerprints, and also make finding the fingerprint scanner pad easier. The notch on the rear panel seems too small. The absence of a notification LED (missed messages, etc.) is sad, and even Always On, in general, is not always in touch with the tablet.

Iron filling

The Koreans put their proprietary processor,pretty fresh chipset, which introduced this year. Processor performance in the range between medium and budget, in addition, the manufacturing process is 14-nanometer. RAM is also not fast, like eMMC, which makes the smartphone a little thoughtful. Of course, by the standards of modern flagships. To expand the file storage, there is a receiver for microSD cards, a set of scanners and sensors is complete, Face Unlock is fast, but security is low, since it can be unlocked using a user’s photo. The fingerprint fulfills clearly, but not instantly. As for games, the picture is expected, and very good. Of course, high graphics settings should not be done, otherwise a comfortable game will not work.


Despite the fact that it’s Samsung, it’s not hereno AMOLED, ordinary mid-range IPS matrix without a large margin of brightness, which is not enough on a sunny day outdoors. An oleophobic coating is present, the screen allows you to tap in gloves, so, in the winter just right. The color temperature is not adjustable, it is strange for Koreans, however, few people use these settings anyway.


The battery here is rather big - 5000 mAh,autonomy is standard for this class; according to anyone, everything puts smartphones on charge at night. Approximately the same autonomy of the smartphone Note 9 from Meizu, and there is a 4000 mAh battery. Of course, the device does not discharge in a day, enough for a couple of days, but still no one is held back when there is access to the outlet. There is high-speed 15-watt charging, wireless is not supported.


A middle-class selfie camera, pictures are takenacceptable, for social networks will be enough. And it’s good that sensors with dozens of megapixels, which are no use, were not pushed into the cameras. The main camera of two modules, the auxiliary module received wide-angle optics. With insufficient lighting, the camera produces pictures that are weak in quality, but in the afternoon everything is fine, the detail and saturation are in order, the 13 megapixel sensor produces decent quality.

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