AI appeared that solves crosswords

AI developer, writer and playwright Matt Ginsberg presented a model that can

solve even the most difficult crosswords.He noted that sometimes he composes them for the New York Times, but when they come out, he forgets the answers, so the researcher cannot even solve his crosswords.

Ginsberg is a fan of crossword puzzles, but whenhe lost in a national competition to solve them, decided that this problem needs to be dealt with using an AI-based model. “There were 700 people in the same room with me who were really good at solving crosswords, and it annoyed me that I was so terrible at this, so I decided to write a computer program that would avenge me,” he told the BBC ".

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After ten unsuccessful participation in the tournament, the modelAI-based won its first national competition. She won first place in the American Crossword Tournament, the premier competition among people with this hobby.

The program was trained on a huge amount of data,including a giant database of crossword puzzles and answers taken from the Internet. She was taught to quickly search for possible variants of the arrangement of words in the grid of the crossword puzzle. According to Ginsberg, this is a rather "primitive system".

“Crosswords may seem strange.for AI, but they actually represent a good foundation for machine learning. At the same time, basic crosswords are extremely simple for AI, which will be programmed for a huge amount of information from open data, "the BBC notes.

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