AI-based emotion recognition technology tested in China

The new technology was applied in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, a region in the northwest of the country where

predominantly Uyghurs who profess Islam live.The Chinese authorities suspect the residents of Xinjiang of separatist sentiments, for many years they have been constantly monitoring him and sent to "educational" camps.

According to a BBC source, the systemartificial intelligence is trained to detect and analyze even the smallest changes in facial expression and skin pores. The software creates a pie chart where red is a negative or anxious mood.

The Chinese authorities say the new technology, like previously introduced methods for recognizing people by face or gait, will help fight crime.

The emotion recognition algorithm canvideo recordings quickly identify suspects by analyzing their mental state and prevent illegal activities, including terrorism and smuggling. We have already started using it.

Li Xiaoyu, a riot police expert from the Public Security Bureau in Altai City, Xinjiang.

The algorithm reads signs of aggressiveness and nervousness in a person's appearance, and also determines his level of stress.

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