AI camera filmed the referee's head, confusing it with a soccer ball

During the broadcast of a football match of the Scottish football team "Inverness Caledonian"

artificial intelligence now and then confused the ball with the bald head of the referee. Thus, for most of the game, the fans watched not the match, but the movements of the referee across the field.

Some time ago representatives of the clubreported that they are switching to the use of cameras based on artificial intelligence. It was assumed that thanks to the innovation, it will be possible to shoot all home matches in HD quality. However, what was conceived did not go according to plan, because during the match artificial intelligence regularly confused the ball with the referee's head, which was located 35-40 meters from the game.

The most annoying thing is that in view of the coronavirus pandemicinfection, fans were prohibited from gathering in stadiums to watch the game live, so the broadcast was the only chance to see the match. Subsequently, the engineers of Inverness Caledonian announced that they would fix this "bug", and now return to the cameras controlled by operators.