AI learned to train dogs instead of humans

In most cases, animal training is reward-based. The dog is given a treat when it

obeys the command, but she gets nothing when the order is not executed.

Colorado researchers wonderedwas it realistic to create a computer system that could be used to train dogs. To find out, they built it using the artificial intelligence of the Nvidia Jetson Nano. The system contains both hardware and software (software) designed for dog training. The device consists of AI-based software, a video camera, an audio speaker for giving commands and a treat dispenser.

At the beginning of work, the system confirms the presencedogs. If the animal is in place, the program reproduces various commands - “lie down”, “stand up” or “sit down”. The camera then records the reaction of the dogs to each and every one of them. From the video, the AI ​​software can recognize certain types of dog behavior, such as sitting or lying down. The AI ​​system then compares the real-time image of the dog with the training data and decides if the dog has complied with the command (it should sit, stand, or lie down for a predetermined period of time). If the dog obeyed, a treat is given, if not, there is no reward. System testing has shown that its system accuracy is 92%.

The researchers note that thethe prototype was completely independent of other systems, so the list of commands had to be short. Scientists speculate that a more powerful system that relies on remote data processing will expand the number of teams. The authors are now exploring the possibility of commercializing their system so that people can train their dogs when they are not even at home.

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