AI showed how global climate change will affect private homes in 50 years

Climatologists predict that while maintaining the current situation with carbon dioxide emissions, the global

temperature by 2100 will increase by 3 ° Ccompared to the current. As a result, the melting of glaciers will accelerate, and the level of the World Ocean will rise. However, while researchers can not predict the exact effects of such changes.

For learning generative-competitive neural networkEngineers used 5 thousand images from Google Street View, which show areas to various natural disasters (flooding or fires) and after them.

Then the algorithm loaded the data on the mostlikely climate change in the United States that will occur in the next 50 years. The resulting AI is able to show what a particular structure will look like in half a century, depending on where it is located in the country.

Earlier it was reported that the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reached a rate of 415.26 parts per million, for the first time in the history of mankind exceeding a record high of 415 parts.