Air Taxi Failed - Larry Page Closes Kitty Hawk

The promising startup Kitty Hawk turned out to be not very promising.

cease operations.

What is known

Kitty Hawk was funded by Google founder Larry Page. The curtailment of activities was announced on the official page of the startup in Linkedin.

Business Insider citing sources insideKitty Hawk announces that it is closing a project with the company to develop a single-seat Heaviside electric tiltrotor. It was assumed that the electric aircraft, presented three years ago, would be able to fly over distances of up to 160 km.

However, the closure of Kitty Hawk will notinfluence on the development of air taxis. To do this, Kitty Hawk, together with Boeing, created the startup Wisk Aero. Boeing invested $450 million in the project at the end of January this year.