Air taxi from Lilium soared into the air

Lilium's flying taxi has successfully completed the first phase of flight testing. Lilium Jet now flies at speeds over 100

mph The company also announced the readiness of its own plant, located next to its headquarters in Munich, Germany.

How it works?

Their vertical take-off and landing aircraft (VTOL)It has been under development for several years, and this spring we already saw it hovering above the ground. In a new video from the company, we can look at Lilium Jet in action - it took off vertically, and then made a small flight over the landfill. According to the developers, the car has already passed more than 100 ground and air tests, including safety tests. Now they will check the speed characteristics of the airframe.

Airplane propelled 36thelectric motors, giving a total of 2,000 horsepower, and allow you to disperse Lilium Jet to 300 mph. The planned capacity is 5 people, and the cost of use is a complete zero.

Future plans

The company is going to start a commercialactivity in 2025, and at that time it was planned to produce several hundred aircraft per year. Soon Lilium wants to open another plant, thereby creating about 500 jobs.