Airbus has conducted a new test unmanned convertoplana Vahana aerotaxi

During the aerotaxi testing, the Vahana took off, after which it tilted its wings by 90 ° and passed to

horizontal flight. In this mode, the unit accelerated to a speed of 166 km / h.

The Vahana demonstrator is 6.2 meters long, 5.7 wide, and 2.8 high. The maximum take-off weight of the device is 745 kg.

Airbus introduced the VTOL aircraft in 2018. It is planned that the device will be used as a flying taxi. The user can call him through the application and get from one point to another, both within the city and beyond. For example, it will be possible to fly from San Jose to San Francisco in 18 minutes by paying $ 77 for 77 km. Go