Airbus' latest drone still crashes after flying non-stop for more than two months

Recently, the Airbus Defense and Space team has been actively engaged in technologies that provide a long

uninterrupted flight of drones from the charge of solar panels.

The last brainchild of a group of engineers, unmannedAn Airbus Zephyr was able to stay in the air for 64 days. It is reported that ground controllers lost contact with it as early as August 19, and the latest data confirmed that the device crashed in Arizona, USA.

After 64 days of flying in the stratosphere and performingnumerous mission objectives, Zephyr encountered circumstances that led to the termination of the current flight. Our teams are currently analyzing over 1,500 hours of stratospheric flight data.


A source close to Airbus said thatthe plane spent most of the time in the southwestern regions of the United States at an altitude of about 18-21 km. The fall of the drone happened as a result of performing an S-shaped maneuver, during which some kind of failure occurred. He led to a fall at a speed of 83 km / h.